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How far is Winter Park from Orlando? I really need to hit up a vv store, but I don't know of any in/close to Orlando (where I'm going in Feb.) I'd really appreciate any help, I hate ordering online.
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There isn't a Vineyard Vines in Winter Park but there ARE two stores that carry some vineyard vines stuff. It's 15 min from Orlando. Just get on I4 East, get off on the Princeton St. Exit, go right off the exit (east) and then make a left on Orange Ave (there's a 711 on the corner, I think). Go like 2 miles down Orange and then make a right onto Fairbanks and then another left onto Park Ave. The two stores that carry Vineyard Vines are on the very end of Park Ave. So as soon as you turn onto Park, they are on your right. One is Siegels and the other is the VERY last store.
I'm adding you, add me back?
I know Orlando like the back of my hand, so let me know if you have anymore questions. My SN is Luckybrock727.
Thank you so much! You are so helpful! I don't have aim because I am from Canada. But my e-mail is vanessa_ortynsky@hotmail.com. What is yours?

Do you know of any other good stores in Orlando? So far I've found Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Crabtree and Evelyn (do they carry Vera Bradley??) and a few others.
my email is ufnbrock@ufl.edu.

The Millenium Mall has EVERYTHING. It's my absolute fav. place to shop. (http://www.mallatmillenia.com/html/) It's in Orlando, right on I4- which is the main road running through Orlando. Check out the mall directory- it has everything. There isn't a J.Crew anymore- it was at another mall in Orlando but it closed. The Premium Outlets are GREAT- Polo, Kenneth Cole, Banana Republic, Barnies New York, Lacoste, Burberry, Dooney & Burke, BCBG, etc.. (http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=17)
I personally LOVE Winter Park. Shopping on Park Avenue is like a minature New York. There are these adorable shops and sidewalk cafe's. There's an amazing italian restaurant- Panneulo's. AND the Lilly Pulitzer just opened.

What is the name of the Lilly Pulitzer store in Winter Park?
Scratch that, I found the site.
It's Lilly Pulitzer lol...like, it's a LILLY store. Not a store that CARRIES Lilly.
Yeah, I figured that it was a lilly store. Sorry about the confusion.