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Squibby [08 Apr 2007|07:42pm]

Does anyone have a vvines squibby skirt? If so, exactly how long are they? I'm thinking of ordering the drinks and umbrellas print but I don't know how it will fit. Also, what do the waistband of it look like, is it elastic? Thanks for your help!

set sail!

I'm new! [24 Mar 2007|02:14pm]

Answer the following questions so we can know who you are:

♥Name: Friday
♥Age: 17
♥Location: Dallas
♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website): The pink swizzle sticks print, but the whales are a classic favorite!
♥Favorite Color Schemes: Light blue - white
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around: My Lacoste tote for school, but my Marc Jacobs for everything else.
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection: no pics yet sorry!

So nice to meet all of you, feel free to add me as a friend!

set sail!

New stuff [15 Mar 2007|08:16am]

Yesterday I ordered the patchwork belt! (which I have been wanting FOREVER but my store never has it in my size, so I finally just had them order one for me) It should be in within a few days and I can't wait! I also got a drinks belt on sale for $26 and some Eliza B ones for $8, good shopping day! Now I need a patchwork tote to match....
Has anyone seen the convertible dress in person? Its GORGEOUS! I really love the new dresses, tees, halters, and the Starboard top. This was the first I've seen of the new stuff and I am in love!

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ls polos [13 Mar 2007|03:47pm]

Does anyone else find the l/s polo's to be annoyingly tight around the cuffs? I tried one on a few months ago, and it felt so akward, like the cuffs were choking my wrists. In addition, the xs was too big on me, and I'm not thin enought for that to be happening. That struck me as odd since the s/s polos seem to fit so well. I actually found the whole cuff thing to be weird, like the cuffs were way too big. I like when they're non-existent, like on a Lilly l/s polo. It breaks my heart to not like something VV lol. Thoughts?

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[08 Mar 2007|04:41pm]

Hi! I searched lj all over before for a VV community and never found one, so I made my own, and this one is definitly better since it's actually active. I'm excited I finally found a good VV community! No one else I know loves it as much as me so it will be nice to chat with other whaleheads :)

♥Location:Maryland right now, going to school in Newton, Mass. in the fall
♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website):Marthas Vineyard signs, Patchwork, Classic Sail
♥Favorite Color Schemes:Pink and green, black and white, navy and yellow
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around:I don't actually have a VV tote yet because I have been contemplating which pattern to get for years now lol I just can't make up my mind. I think I will finally get one when I go to MV, then it will be more sentimental haha. So it's usually a Vera Bradley, J. Crew, or Lilly tote.
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection: I'll try and get one up later, I'm at work now and my camera might as well be by Playskool because its huge and from like 1999 and I never use it lol.

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NEW! :) [04 Mar 2007|04:18pm]
I just love this brand! I buy most of my Vineyard Vines stuff from a small boutique store in Annapolis.

♥Name: Meredith
♥Age: 21
♥Location: Philadelphia, PA & Maryland (home)
♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website): Any of the classic whale prints. 
♥Favorite Color Schemes: Dark blue & white
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around: I don't own any Vineyard Vines bags as of yet (prefer J.Crew totes/bags.)
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection: Me pictured in my user icon. 

Question: Has anyone ever ordered anything custom from Vineyard Vines?  I noticed on their website they have that option.  :)

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[25 Feb 2007|06:08pm]

Hello!  I'm new here.  I have a question about the Vineyard Vines totes if any of you ladies have them.

♥Name: Amanda
♥Age: 20
♥Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina
♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website): I love Patchwork, the Vineyard Whale, and has anyone seen the new Bacon, Egg, and Cheese?
♥Favorite Color Schemes: Pink and brown
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around: Vera Bradley Tote
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection:

I'm a big handbag junkie.  I usually carry a larger Vera Bradley handbag (the Tote, Toggle Tote, etc) or some sort of bag I can fit my entire life into.  My question is how small is the Mini Tote?  If I like big bags should I go ahead and get the Classic Tote?  I was thinking it would be too large for everday use and sort of resemble a travel bag.  If you have any pictures of you with your Classic/Mini tote please post!  Also, what you can fit into each of them...

set sail!

Heads up! [25 Jun 2006|05:07pm]

For those of you heading to Nantucket this summer, I thought I would let you know something I just found out. Apparently, aside from Murray's selling tons of Vineyard Vines stuff, there is also a new (or so I think unless I completely missed it but I'm pretty sure I didn't since I was around where it was) Vineyard Vines by Murray's store down Main Street at the end of Straight Wharf between The Tavern and The Gazebo in Harbor Square.

So yeah if you're there this summer, you should probably check it out!

set sail!

[12 Apr 2006|06:49pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket

most amazing thing everrrr!!!!

11 // set sail!

[29 Mar 2006|03:54pm]

anybody have a VV sticker for your car or something?

i realllly want one but they are "currently unavailable" on their website!

6 // set sail!

[08 Feb 2006|06:41pm]

♥Name: Alex
♥Age: 24 (old, i know)
♥Location: Boston MA
♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website): I love the Classic Sail for everything (ties, belts)
♥Favorite Color Schemes: usually any version of blue and green
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around: NEED to have the patchwork tote, but my normal bag is one of a few Long Champs
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection: under cutCollapse )

2 // set sail!

[08 Feb 2006|05:01pm]

has anyone tried the VV oxfords and cable knits? im wondering how they fit...i want some!

im in love with all the new spring stuff!

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new! [17 Jan 2006|06:34pm]

♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website): patchwork
♥Favorite Color Schemes: navy and light pink
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around: vera bag
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection: i'll post it later

4 // set sail!

[30 Dec 2005|05:33pm]

TRAVEL BAGS! VV makes travel bags now!!

check it outttt http://www.vineyardvines.com/products/travel_index.shtml

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Merry Christmas! [18 Dec 2005|10:31pm]

Do you guys like the vineyard vines skirts?

3 // set sail!

[14 Dec 2005|05:28pm]

I LOVE these new bags!Collapse )

4 // set sail!

[14 Dec 2005|12:44pm]

[ mood | Sleepy ]

My dad's Christmas gift arrived in the mail today!

My dad is a staunch Democrat, and I am a very (VERY) conservative Republican; he loves VV ties (and preppy clothes in general), so I ordered him the navy blue donkey (Democrat) tie. It's so cute!

I just wish I had bought something for myself, too (you know, so I could have spent over $150 and saved money on shipping... haha).

I hope everyone is managing their last few weeks with exams, presentations, and papers.

Happy Holidays!

9 // set sail!

HELP! [13 Dec 2005|10:58pm]

How far is Winter Park from Orlando? I really need to hit up a vv store, but I don't know of any in/close to Orlando (where I'm going in Feb.) I'd really appreciate any help, I hate ordering online.

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all i want for christmas [16 Nov 2005|10:07am]

wishlist!Collapse )

3 // set sail!

[15 Nov 2005|01:14pm]

The Channel Jacket- ahhhhh!!!! I can't wait to get it.

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