LillyLover (kathrynas) wrote in vineyard_vines,

Hi! I searched lj all over before for a VV community and never found one, so I made my own, and this one is definitly better since it's actually active. I'm excited I finally found a good VV community! No one else I know loves it as much as me so it will be nice to chat with other whaleheads :)

♥Location:Maryland right now, going to school in Newton, Mass. in the fall
♥Favorite Vineyard Vines Print (see their website):Marthas Vineyard signs, Patchwork, Classic Sail
♥Favorite Color Schemes:Pink and green, black and white, navy and yellow
♥The Bag You Always Carry Around:I don't actually have a VV tote yet because I have been contemplating which pattern to get for years now lol I just can't make up my mind. I think I will finally get one when I go to MV, then it will be more sentimental haha. So it's usually a Vera Bradley, J. Crew, or Lilly tote.
♥A picture of you/your Vineyard Vines collection: I'll try and get one up later, I'm at work now and my camera might as well be by Playskool because its huge and from like 1999 and I never use it lol.
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